How to Repair Cracked or Broken Fingernails?

Answer In today's society, many men and women take nail care very seriously. It's not uncommon to see both sexes at a nail salon getting a manicure. Breaking or splitting a fingernail is not only uncomfor... Read More »

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How to Fix Cracked and Peeling Fingernails?

Cracked and peeling fingernails can be a problem. They can snag clothing or get caught on things and cause pain. This problem stems from cells that grow in a slanted direction. When the fingernail ... Read More »

How to Fix Broken Fingernails With Teabags?

Broken fingernails can be painful and unsightly. Fortunately, a quick fix is readily available if you're willing to use to commonly-found household items. Find out how a teabag, toothpick, emery bo... Read More »

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