How to Repair Cracked Windshields?

Answer Whether it's a chip, a scratch or a small crack, any slight damage to a vehicle's windshield can quickly become a huge problem. It should be fixed immediately to prevent a crack from becoming larg... Read More »

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How to Repair Leaky Windshields?

A leaky windshield is a symptom of a poor contact seal at the windshield glass edge. Over time, anything from severe elements to an automobile accident can cause the glass to shift, breaking the se... Read More »

How to Repair Motorcycle Windshields?

Motorcycle windshields are prone to scratches. Flying road debris may also cause minor dings and chips while you are riding the bike. For major damage, you should go to a specialist to have the w... Read More »

How to Repair Motorcycle Plastic Windshields?

Motorcycle windshields experience a lot of contact with pebbles, abrasive materials and various other detrimental items. All of this interference can result in you having a windshield that is scrat... Read More »

How do I repair cracked cds?

Trace the CDPlace the compact disc (CD) on top of a large piece of packing tape. Trace the outer shape of the CD as well as the hole in the center.Cut the TapeCut the shape of the CD out of the tap... Read More »