How to Repair Concrete That Has Been Rained On?

Answer As concrete dries, one of the worst things that can happen is for rain to start falling. In addition to causing pits in the surface of the concrete when the raindrops hit it, rain falling on uncure... Read More »

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How do you repair concrete where carpet tack strips have been removed?

How to Repair a Car That Has Been Flooded?

Many of us have seen heavy rainstorms that have left entire towns flooded. But this time your own car has been affected by the flooding. There is water and mud all over the interior of your car and... Read More »

How can you repair a gap between the brick next to a pool and the concrete deck that was caused by the foundation settling?

Answer I would put caulk in the gap, because it won't crack.A: Ah, but you have to use the right type of caulking and you have to fill the void properly. If you are going to do the job do it all ar... Read More »

How do I repair furniture that has been chewed on by a dog?

Replace LegsCut loose wood with a handheld saw if the wood table or chair legs are chewed through and can no longer support the furniture. Remove old glue from the joint by sanding it away with 320... Read More »