How to Repair Concrete That Has Been Rained On?

Answer As concrete dries, one of the worst things that can happen is for rain to start falling. In addition to causing pits in the surface of the concrete when the raindrops hit it, rain falling on uncure... Read More »

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How do I repair chipped concrete?

Clean the ConcreteClean the concrete chip or hole with a wire brush. Remove all of the debris and dirt in the area. Spray the hole out with a hose if there is caked dirt that you cannot remove with... Read More »

Mottled Concrete Repair?

Mottled concrete is caused by elements in the environment. Moisture seeps into the concrete (sometimes while it cures) mottling the color and causing blotching on the surface. While some think this... Read More »

How do I repair concrete veneer?

Prepare the AreaWear safety gloves and goggles to protect your hands and eyes from concrete dust and particles. Spread down a tarp or drop cloth under the intended repair work area. Use a 2-inch ch... Read More »

How do I repair concrete steps?

While concrete is durable, it wears down rather quickly for stone, as it is comprised of granules that were mixed together and allowed to dry when they were first poured. So as the concrete steps y... Read More »