How to Repair Clear Coat Bubbles?

Answer It can be disheartening when repainting your automobile to see bubbles in your final stage of applying the clear coat. After all the work you put into sanding, primer and paint, it is all too easy ... Read More »

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How to Fix Micro Bubbles in Clear Coat?

After painting a vehicle and finishing it with clear coat paint, it is difficult to see any imperfections until the paint has dried completely. Once the base and clear coat paint have dried, micro ... Read More »

How to Spot-Repair the Paint Base Coat and Clear Coat?

Popular Mechanics offers some assurance for those who find ghastly scratches on their cars: Many of these scratches can be repaired with some buffing and sanding. In general, most car scratches pen... Read More »

How to Repair a Base Coat and a Clear Coat?

Most modern automotive paint refinishing systems use a water-based or solvent-based color that is blended into vehicle panels. This is subsequently covered by a clear coat, usually made from uretha... Read More »

How to Repair Clear-Coat?

Clear-coat is a transparent layer applied over a car's paint job to help make the surface smooth and protect the paint from fading. This layer can wear out over time, especially if you do not regul... Read More »