How to Repair Chips in Fiberglass Bath Tubs?

Answer Fiberglass bathtubs last a long time. However, chips can occur in the surface of the tub. These chips detract from the overall look of the tub, making a newer tub appear older than it is. Chips als... Read More »

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How do I polish fiberglass tubs?

Cleaning the SurfaceClean the entire tub with a mild detergent and a soft bristle scrub brush. Remove any soap scum or anything else that may be on the surface of the fiberglass. Rinse the tub out ... Read More »

Can you paint fiberglass sinks&tubs?

By using epoxy paint, you can repaint fiberglass sinks and tubs. An advancement in epoxy paint, designed to address fiberglass bathroom fixtures, was unveiled in 2010 as part of a kit that containe... Read More »

Is there a paint that can be used on fiberglass sinks&tubs?

Fiberglass sinks and tubs can be painted. Sand the area with 320 grit sandpaper until it appears hazy and dull. Clean it with muriatic acid, then rinse with water to ensure all dust is removed and ... Read More »

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