How to Repair Cast Iron With Rust?

Answer Cast iron is popular metal for many items. Cast iron cookware is preferred by many chefs. There are many wood-burning cast iron stoves that provide heat and also cooking features. Some lawn or pati... Read More »

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How to Clean a Cast Iron Kettle Loaded With Rust?

Cast iron kettles will last a long time if you take care of them. If you leave the kettle wet too often or allow it to sit in water for too long, it will rust. Rust appears as a brown or red coatin... Read More »

How to Repair Cracked Cast Iron With Epoxy?

Cast iron parts that are not subject to high heat or excessive pressure are readily repaired with metal-based epoxies. Metal-based epoxies are available in either one or two parts. A one-part epoxy... Read More »

Should a cast iron pot or dutch oven be seasoned with oil in the same way as a cast iron skillet?

How do I repair rust on a wrought-iron fence with putty?

Prepare the Rusted AreaPut on a pair of safety glasses. Scrape loose paint and rust from the repair area with a metal paint scraper. Secure a wire-wheel attachment into the chuck of a 3/8-inch dril... Read More »