How to Repair Car Paint Damage?

Answer Age, dirt and wear can damage a car's paint job, which can damage the body as well as hurt its appearance. You need to repair any fading, peeling or scratching of your car's paint in order to prese... Read More »

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How to Repair Automobile Paint Damage?

Discovering a scratch or chip in the paint of your car or truck can be frustrating; it mars the surface and can reduce the value of the vehicle. It is possible to repair a small chip or cover up a ... Read More »

How to Repair Bumper Damage to Paint & Primer?

The bumper on a car is a commonly damaged area. Whether the damage is a dent or ding from a collision or scrapes that cause damage to the paint and primer, it needs to be repaired properly. Many ti... Read More »

How to Repair Paint Damage From Acid Rain?

Acid rain is caused when pollutants such as nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide combine in the atmosphere and come down with the rain. If you wash your car after it is rained on by acid rain, there w... Read More »

How to Use Paint to Repair an Anodized Actuator Body From Damage?

When actuator bodies are anodized, they are submerged in electrolyte baths through which voltage current is passed. The actuator body subsequently obtains a metal oxide coating that strengthens its... Read More »