How to Repair Broken Lug Nuts & Studs?

Answer To fix broken lug nuts and studs means replacing them. Once a lug nut and stud are broken, they cannot be properly repaired in the wheel. The lug nut and stud play an important role in keeping a ti... Read More »

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How to Replace Wheel Studs & Nuts?

The last thing you expect to do when replacing your brakes or changing a tire is having to deal with bent, loose or broken wheel studs; after all, the studs and nuts secure the tire to the wheel hu... Read More »

Can You Use Lube on Car Lug Nuts & Wheel Studs?

Wheel lugs are the nuts that hold a vehicle's wheels to the hub. The lug nuts thread onto the wheels studs, which are the threaded studs that are fastened to the bolts.

How to Remove Broken Wheel Studs?

A wheel stud is the bolt that holds the tire on the vehicle. Operating a vehicle with a broken wheel stud can be extremely dangerous. There are several steps to take to remove the broken stud. In m... Read More »

How to Remove Broken Studs and Screws?

When the head on a bolt, screw or stud gets broken off or stripped, removing it may seem like an impossible task. Fortunately, you can resolve this issue quickly and painlessly. Certain tools and t... Read More »