How to Repair Ball Joints?

Answer Replacing ball joints remains the same on both rear-wheel drive vehicles and front-wheel drive vehicles. On front-wheel drive there is one ball joint on the lower control arm as opposed to two---up... Read More »

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How to Repair the Ball Joints in a 1993 Subaru Legacy?

Ball joints are an important component of the steering and suspension system of the 1993 Subaru Legacy. The joints allow the steering arms to flex as the vehicle moves across uneven surfaces. They... Read More »

What Do Ball Joints Do?

The ball joints in a vehicle are objects shaped like spheres that enable a certain degree of rotary movement. It is an important component of a car's suspension.

Do it Yourself Ball Joints?

Crafting your own ball joints is difficult, but the money you can save will make it well worth the time. Depending on the vehicle, shops are charging upwards of $1,000 for ball joint replacement. T... Read More »

How do i know if my ball joints are bad?

Ball joints are an important component of a vehicle's steering and suspension system. Ball joints are protected by a rubber boot held on with a metal ring. If the boot gets torn and dirt is allowed... Read More »