How to Repaint Bumpers?

Answer When you notice a scratch, scuff or paint chip on your bumper, you generally have three choices: you can leave it alone and wait for it to get worse (and it will), you can take it to a body shop an... Read More »

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How to Repaint Rusty Bumpers?

When it comes to old cars with metal bumpers, rust is a fact of life unless the bumpers have been properly cared for over the years. Often, bumpers need to be repainted to restore their appearance.... Read More »

How to Blacken Bumpers?

Black bumpers can appear faded after a few years of constant exposure to the elements. Wax and polish can also build up on your bumper, causing it to appear dull and worn out. There are a few simpl... Read More »

Types of Car Bumpers?

Car bumpers have seen a huge amount of modification over the years as our understanding of materials and safety has improved. Modern bumpers are designed to improve aerodynamics, and so the perform... Read More »

How do i use crib bumpers?

Buy Thin BumpersLook for the crib bumpers that are thin and firm. Avoid the fluffy and soft bumpers because your baby runs the risk of "rebreathing," or inhaling carbon dioxide that he has just bre... Read More »