How to Rent a Movie?

Answer So you have watched all the movies in the house and are in serious need of some hardcore entertainment? Well why not rent a movie!?

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Can you rent a rated R movie if you are 16?

There is no law against a 16-year-old renting or watching an R-rated movie. Ratings are provided by the Motion Picture Association of America as recommendations. Most movie theaters follow the guid... Read More »

How much money is it to rent a movie?

Free at the library. For specific info about a biz, check out their web site (here is blockbuster: ) or call them.Peace!

How Do I Rent My House for a Movie Set?

As of 2010, production companies will pay anywehre between a several hundred to several thousand dollars a day to rent your house for their film. Big production companies tend to pay more than smal... Read More »

Can you rent movie projectors?

get one at your Salvation Army Store for less!