How to Renew Headlight Lenses?

Answer A headlight lens is clear glass or plastic and covers your headlight bulb. Over time the lens will turn a yellow color, oxidize and get scratched, which prevents your headlight beam from shining as... Read More »

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How to Clean Car Headlight Lenses?

Headlights become dirty over time from debris such as dirt, mud, pollen, grass, tar and insects accumulating on lens surfaces when a vehicle is parked or in motion. Additionally, debris baked onto ... Read More »

How to Polish Headlight Lenses?

Plastic lenses on all late-model vehicles tend to yellow or glaze over from ultraviolet light. When this occurs, the light is diffused, seriously lowering its effective candlepower. The lenses are ... Read More »

How to Fix Cloudy Headlight Lenses?

Headlights are an essential safety feature on any vehicle. Over time, your headlight lenses may turn cloudy or foggy. The cloudy appearance is actually a discoloration of the lens caused by the hea... Read More »

How to Fix Pitted Headlight Lenses?

Yellow, hazy, pitted and crazed (cracked) headlight covers don't just make your car look like a total beater, they're also dangerous. This danger is all the greater because the hazing happens over ... Read More »