How to Renew Headlight Lenses?

Answer A headlight lens is clear glass or plastic and covers your headlight bulb. Over time the lens will turn a yellow color, oxidize and get scratched, which prevents your headlight beam from shining as... Read More »

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How to Fix Oxidized Headlight Lenses?

A headlight lens is a transparent plastic piece surrounding the headlight. Over time the headlight lens can get scratched, turn yellow, and oxidize. A cloudy headlight lens hinders how well your he... Read More »

How to Clean Old Headlight Lenses?

Car headlights are manufactured for durability to the elements. Almost nothing can crack a car or truck headlight. Unfortunately, these headlights do have a downside. After a few years of direct ex... Read More »

How to Fix Cloudy Headlight Lenses?

Headlights are an essential safety feature on any vehicle. Over time, your headlight lenses may turn cloudy or foggy. The cloudy appearance is actually a discoloration of the lens caused by the hea... Read More »

DIY Smoked Headlight Lenses?

Giving your headlights a smoked effect is an easy and affordable do-it-yourself project that will improve the look of most any car. The examples given below describe how to achieve the smoked headl... Read More »