How to Rename a Fraction?

Answer Students often need to rename fractions. When a student renames a fraction, it becomes a mixed number, which is considered the proper form of the fraction. Fractions need renaming when the top numb... Read More »

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How to Rename a Fraction as a Mixed Number for Fifth Grade Math?

Renaming mixed numbers into improper fractions is a complicated concept for some fifth graders. Although at first glance, it may seem overwhelming, once you break down the steps and explain them, e... Read More »

If 2 cartons of eggs are full and the third is not what will the fraction and the mixed fraction be?

How to Convert a Fraction to an Equivalent Fraction?

There is an infinite number of ways to rewrite a fraction. This is because no matter what fraction you have, there is always a new way to write it in an equivalent form. A fraction has a numerator ... Read More »

How to Change a Whole Fraction to an Improper Fraction?

In math, fractions are either considered to be proper or improper. A proper fraction is one that is simplified as much as it can be. It cannot be reduced and the top number is smaller than the bott... Read More »