How to Rename Fractions to Decimals?

Answer Renaming fractions to decimals is also known as converting a fraction to a decimal. To do this, you need to perform simple division. When you have a fraction, the numerator is the number on the top... Read More »

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How to Rename Mixed Numbers as Fractions?

When you work with fractions and mixed numbers, sometimes you need to convert the figures so that you can add, subtract, multiply or divide the figures properly. An improper fraction is a fraction ... Read More »

How to Simplify Fractions With Decimals?

Fractions and decimals are parts of whole numbers written in two different forms. A fraction has a numerator over a denominator, which represents the number of parts you have of a whole number over... Read More »

How to Write Fractions As Decimals?

Math can often seem daunting. One part of math that confuses some people involves fractions and their relationship to decimals. Though you may know how to add up fractions and how to subtract decim... Read More »

How to Turn Decimals Into Fractions?

Turning decimals into fractions is essential to mastering elementary algebra. The process can save you from having to use a calculator while making certain calculations easier to visualize.For inst... Read More »