How to Remove the Yellow From Headlight Plastic?

Answer Make yellow headlights and poor visibility disappear with a few pieces of wet/dry sandpaper and common polishes from any automotive parts store. Sun, heat and road debris can tarnish and damage the... Read More »

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How to Remove Pitting From Plastic Headlight Covers?

Gravel and debris on the highway can leave the front end of a car scratched and pitted, and plastic headlight covers catch much of this rubble. A significant amount of damage can create a hazy look... Read More »

How to Remove Scratches From Plastic Headlight Lenses?

Most late-model autos have headlights with plastic lenses that protect the headlight bulbs from road debris. These lenses are much more durable than glass lamps, but they can become scratched over ... Read More »

Easy Way to Remove Oxidation From a Plastic Headlight Lens?

Plastic headlight lenses are crystal clear when new, but look dull and cloudy once oxidation shows up on the surface. Not only does oxidation make your car look old and dirty, it makes the headligh... Read More »

How to Remove the Film From Plastic Automobile Headlight Covers?

If your plastic automobile headlight covers are old, a haze has probably been formed on them. The film or haze is in large part due to contaminates in the air as well as UV light from the sun. Regu... Read More »