How to Remove the Water Pump From an '88 Civic?

Answer The good news is that Honda's D-series motor does have a water pump -- but it's all kind of downhill from there. For reasons known only to the manufacturers, Honda chose to hide the D-series' water... Read More »

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How to Remove a Water Pump From a Jeep?

The water pump is an essential mechanical part of your Jeep Cherokee. A water pump circulates a mixture of coolant and water through the engine block and back through the radiator to maintain a saf... Read More »

How do I Remove The Fan From an S10 4.3 Vortec Water Pump?

The fan mounted to the water pump on an S-10 pickup that's equipped with the 4.3-liter engine is part of the fan clutch. These two components are mounted to the water pump via a special mount and c... Read More »

How to Remove a Fan Clutch From a Water Pump?

Your vehicle's cooling fan is attached to its drive pulley with a clutch. Clutch fans work to reduce strain on the engine and save fuel. If the engine is hot, the clutch fan runs fast and if the en... Read More »

How to Remove a Water Pump from a Pool Motor?

The main driving unit for circulating water through the pool system involves the water pump and basket strainer housing. The pump motor turns the impeller, which sucks water through one or more inl... Read More »