How to Remove the Visor From a Silverado?

Answer The window visors in Chevrolet Silverado trucks are designed to shield the driver and passenger's eyes from glare caused by the sun. Each visor is attached to the roof of the truck with three steel... Read More »

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How to Remove a Car Visor?

Due to damage or normal wear and tear, you may need to remove or replace your car visor. Most car visors serve to protect the driver and passenger form glaring sun and have the ability to rotate 90... Read More »

How To Remove a Sun Visor?

There may be a time when you'll need to remove a sun visor from your vehicle, such as for a repair, or replacing it with a new one. Most sun visors are easy to remove. Armed with a few tools and a ... Read More »

How to Remove the Sun Visor on an Explorer?

If the hinges have broken on the visors in your Ford Explorer or you need to replace your headliner or other components, you will need to remove your visors. You can do this easily, so that you can... Read More »

How to Remove an HJC Helmet Visor?

Worn by motorcycle racers and riders worldwide, HJC's line of helmets are well known for their durability, style and ease of use. A great deal of development has allowed HJC to refine their shield-... Read More »