How to Remove the Valve Seat From a Cylinder Head?

Answer Valve seats perform a very important function on the cylinder head, cooling rapidly to reduce temperature, and sealing the valve faces against combustion gas leakage. Valve seats have circular ring... Read More »

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Cylinder Head Valve Seat Grinding Tools?

The cylinder heads in the four-stroke combustion engine have valves and valve seats that must be machined to precise tolerance and fit. If the valves do not seat correctly with their seats, they le... Read More »

How to Remove a Head From a 1994 4 Cylinder Chevy?

In order to get to the head gasket on your Chevy, you have to remove the cylinder head from the engine block. When you do remove the head, you need to take it to an automotive machine shop to have ... Read More »

How to Remove a Cylinder Head From a 1988 Sportster?

Head removal for a 1988 Evolution-powered Sportster is the same whether the motorcycle has an 883 cubic centimeters or 1200 cubic centimeters engine. It can be accomplished by a skilled mechanic w... Read More »

How to Remove the Cylinder Head From a Chevy Motor?

After removing the cylinder head on a Chevy motor, the head should be checked for serviceability before reinstalling if that is the intent. The valves should be checked for leakage by putting water... Read More »