How to Remove the Supervisor Password on the Lenovo ThinkPad X60?

Answer These days, good password security is extremely important. Frequently changing the password on your Lenovo ThinkPad X60 laptop will help protect confidential or sensitive information you may keep o... Read More »

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How Do I Reset an IBM ThinkPad System Supervisor Password?

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How to Remove a Content Advisor Supervisor Password?

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ThinkPad Lenovo T60 Specifications?

The Thinkpad T60 is a product of Lenovo, the Chinese manufacturer that bought IBM's laptop division in 2005. The T60 was introduced the following year. The T60 and other Thinkpads have received man... Read More »

Does the lenovo thinkpad t61 have built-in 3g?

Lenovo's support department indicates that the T61 and T61p models of its Thinkpad laptop range come with an integrated Cingular HSDPA 3G wireless broadband network adapter, along with a built-in W... Read More »