How to Remove the Sprocket from the Back of My Bike?

Answer The bicycle's sprocket is also known as a cassette or gear cluster. These are found on the right side of the rear wheel. The cassette, or sprockets, rest in the center of this tire, allowing the de... Read More »

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How to Change a Sprocket on a BMX Bike?

Like other single-speed bikes, BMX bicycle drive trains contain just one rear sprocket. Working in concert with the front chain ring, the sprocket forms one-half of the bicycle's gearing. Sprockets... Read More »

How to Take a Sprocket Off of a Bike Wheel?

Replacing a worn or damaged sprocket can seem daunting to some motorcycle riders, who often rely on their dealership's Service Department to do the work for them. Fortunately, the process can be r... Read More »

New dirt bike rear sprocket HELP!!?

Can u be more specific? If its like 4 washer under ur bolts on your bike then just bend them back and remove the bolts.. If the sprocket itself is a solid with no precut holes for the bolts and jus... Read More »

How to Install a Rear Sprocket on a Motorized Bike?

The rear sprocket attaches to the rear wheel hub of a motorcycle wheel with a series of mounting bolts. The motorcycle's chain travels over the counter-shaft sprocket and around the rear sprocket. ... Read More »