How to Remove the Smell of Transmission Fluid?

Answer Transmission fluid is a powerful substance, and anyone who has ever gotten it on his clothes knows that it is capable of both staining and permeating whatever it touches with a strong, unpleasant o... Read More »

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Why My Transmission Fluid Has a Burnt Smell and Metal Flakes?

Transmission fluid may develop a burnt smell and exhibit metal flakes for different reasons, not all of which indicate your transmission needs to be repaired. However, if your vehicle is exhibiting... Read More »

How to Remove Automatic Transmission Fluid?

Removing automatic transmission fluid requires dropping the pan if the vehicle does not have a drain plug. The transmission fluid drain plug looks similar to the drain plug on the oil pan. If your ... Read More »

How to Remove Transmission Fluid From Hair?

Transmission fluid can stain and ruin your clothes, leaving a greasy film on the clothing even after they've been washed. When transmission fluid gets into your hair, it can be an even messier job ... Read More »

How to Remove Fluid From a 2004 Cavalier Transmission?

One of the basic maintenance projects you will need to perform on your Cavalier is to routinely change out the transmission fluid. This is responsible for keeping your transmission cool and to keep... Read More »