How to Remove the Screen on a GE JVM1650CH Microwave?

Answer The General Electric JVM1650CH is an over-the-range microwave, which includes a hood and surface illumination light on the underside of the unit. The JVM1650CH has a control panel on the right-side... Read More »

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How to Remove the Inside Screen for a Maytag Microwave?

When installing a Maytag microwave for the first time in your kitchen, you must install the top and bottom brackets above and below the microwave door. The inside screen, also installed the trim ki... Read More »

How to Get Bugs Out of the Timer Screen in the Microwave?

Bugs can be a problem in any home, especially in warm-weather climates. The most common area of the home for bugs to inhabit is the kitchen because of the food and water sources available to them t... Read More »

Does the Black Door Screen in the Microwave Protect Against Waves?

If you've ever watched a burrito in the microwave, you've probably wondered how the burrito gets hot, but your face doesn't, even though it's only inches away. The screen in the microwave oven door... Read More »

Am looking for an easy way to remove limescale from a glass shower screen and to keep the screen clean?

We have the same problem on our basin as well, as we have a glass sink and tap. I find that rubbing a fresh lemon or lime (cut in half) on to the area - seems to get rid of it and then rinse off wi... Read More »