How to Remove the Screen From a Lenovo T43 Laptop?

Answer While the LCD screen on your Lenovo T43 laptop computer doesn't usually need to be removed, if you are trying to perform a self-repair on the screen of your T43, you will have to remove it from the... Read More »

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Can you remove a lenovo g575's screen?

Yes, it should default to the other screen. How is the other screen plugged in? You would have to remove it properly, by removing back, front, keyboard, disconnecting carefully so as not to short a... Read More »

How to Remove the LCD Screen From a Compaq Presario Laptop?

If your LCD screen has started to show dead pixels, lines across its screen, or it has shut off altogether, it is time to replace your old screen with a new one. Luckily, although this repair is a ... Read More »

How to Remove the Keyboard From a Lenovo 3000?

The Lenovo 3000 is a Windows-based laptop computer. As with all laptop computers, it has a small, built-in keyboard. If this keyboard is broken, it is possible to replace it without dismantling the... Read More »

Lenovo Laptop how do you know if the charger belongs to your laptop?

They came out of the same box, shipped together. At least that is what happened with my Lenovo G555