How to Remove the Recoil Starter From a Toro S-620?

Answer The Toro company manufactures tools and machines for garden, agricultural and landscaping applications. Their products include weed trimmers, lawn mowers, small tractors and snowblowers. The Toro S... Read More »

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How to Add a Recoil Starter to a Johnson 30 HP?

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How to Install a Pull Rope on a Recoil Starter?

An outboard motor's recoil starter uses springs and rope to start the motor if there's no electric starter or if the electric starter becomes inoperative. The springs are large and, when coiled and... Read More »

My Small Engine Recoil Starter Cord Won't Retract?

The starter cord on small engines is wound around a pulley inside the starter cover. This pulley houses a recoil spring that keeps the starter cord and pulley under tension. The starter cord won't ... Read More »

How to Remove the Recoil on a Strikemaster Auger?

The Strikemaster Ice Auger is a handheld tool used to drill through iced-over lakes and other bodies of water so ice fishermen can fish. The Strikemaster uses a pointed spiral-shaped auger blade to... Read More »