How to Remove the Rearview Mirror Button?

Answer The rearview mirror on your vehicle attaches to a rearview mirror button that the manufacturer glued to the windshield with adhesive. If you want to replace the rearview mirror with a customized mi... Read More »

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How to Remove Rearview Mirror Adhesive?

The rear-view mirrors in most vehicles are bonded by a strong adhesive. But despite the adhesive's strength, the bond can weaken over time. This can cause the rear-view mirror to fall away from the... Read More »

How to Remove a Rearview Mirror Mount?

The rearview mirror mount is the piece of metal behind the rearview mirror that is conected to the windshield. The rearview mirrors on vehicles commonly break or become disconnected from the rearvi... Read More »

How to Remove the Rearview Mirror Mounting Bracket?

A car's rear view mirror is naturally a rather important tool for safe driving. Sometimes, however, the rear view mirror will become damaged or placed into the car in an undesirable position, requi... Read More »

How to Safely Remove a Rearview Mirror Mount?

Removing the mount for your rearview mirror can seem like a daunting task--it almost seems like the car manufacturer built it right into the glass of the windshield. Fortunately, this is not the ca... Read More »