How to Remove the Power Steering Pulley on a 1993 Ford Diesel?

Answer You can remove the power steering pulley from a 1993 Ford with a 7.3-liter diesel engine in your driveway or garage. The components are easy to access as there is plenty of room in the engine compa... Read More »

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How to Remove a 1996 Ford Power Steering Pulley?

The power steering pulley is the round wheel connected to the front of the power steering pump. The drive belt is connected to each pulley on the engine and must be removed in order for you to remo... Read More »

Ford Power Steering Pulley Removal?

Power steering pump pulleys are pressed onto the pump shaft. A special puller must be used to remove and install pump pulleys on many makes of cars and trucks, Ford among them. This tool can be pur... Read More »

How to Replace Ford Power Steering Pump Pulley?

The power steering pump on a Ford vehicle works in conjunction with the power steering gear, to aid the driver in steering. On a Ford light truck or car, it is pressed onto the power steering pump ... Read More »

How to Remove the Power Steering Pulley on an S-10?

In order to remove the power steering pulley on an S-10, only a few tools are needed. The main point is that since this procedure will cover all S-10s, clearance for the tools must be considered. D... Read More »