How to Remove the Pedals in a Car?

Answer Any vehicle has two or three pedals: the accelerator, the brake and, if the vehicle has a manual transmission, the clutch. Removing these pedals will vary, depending on the make and model. On some ... Read More »

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How to Set Up Guitar Pedals?

Guitar pedals, sometimes called effects pedals, provide an easy and effective way to modulate your electric guitar's tone. The vast range of effects available makes it easy to get carried away and ... Read More »

How to Use Clipless Pedals?

While clipless pedals are intimidating to many new cyclists, they offer efficiency that cannot be gained any other way. Before using them, it's often worth it to invest a little bit of time into be... Read More »

How to Adjust Look Pedals?

A pioneer in the design of clipless bicycle pedals (pedals that do not require toe-clips), Look Cycle pedals remain popular today among enthusiasts and professionals alike [references 1]. Like skis... Read More »

Does the F-15 have rudder pedals?

All models of the F-15 Eagle military jet fighter have rudder pedals that the pilot uses to control the yaw--rotation along the vertical axis--of the aircraft. The pedals are located under the inst... Read More »