How to Remove the Pedal on a 1977 Ford Truck?

Answer The pedals on a 1977 Ford truck control the braking and acceleration of the vehicle. One of those pedals is critical to the safe operation of the truck, and that is the brake pedal. Should this ped... Read More »

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Does a 1977 Ford truck have power steering?

Ford trucks first offered power steering in 1954 as an option on their F series trucks, increasing steering control by 50 percent. By 1977, power steering was standard in most Ford trucks.Referenc... Read More »

1977 Ford Pick Up Truck Won't Start?

If your 1977 Ford pickup truck is not starting, there are a variety of problems that could be causing it. If you are stranded and do not have many tools with you, there are a couple of tricks to us... Read More »

How to Change a Heater Core on a 1977 Ford Truck?

If the heater core is blocked on your 1977 Ford truck, you will not be able to heat the inside of the truck. Blockage occurs when the cooling system is not properly maintained and sludge builds up ... Read More »

How to Remove an Ignition Switch From a 1977 Chevy Truck?

The ignition switch on a 1977 Chevrolet truck is mounted on the steering column and is designed to trigger the starter motor and start the engine. This assembly can wear out over time. You then wou... Read More »