How to Remove the Paint From Chrome Rims?

Answer Paint can be found on some chrome rims for various reason. The rims may have been painted to protect the chrome. It is possible that the chrome beneath the layers of paint is still intact and the r... Read More »

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How to Remove Rust From Chrome Rims?

Rust is caused by oxygen and moisture. On chrome rims, it can make the shiny metal look dirty, even when it is not. Rust eventually will damage and weaken a chrome rim if you don't remove it. This ... Read More »

How to Remove Rust From Chrome Wire Rims?

Nothing diminishes the appearance of a shiny car like a pair of rusty tire rims. It is imperative to remove rust stains as soon as possible to prevent it from spreading and eating the entire chrome... Read More »

Can you paint chrome rims?

No, chrome-plated rims should not be painted. Chrome represents the finishing coat on chrome-plated rims. In addition, paint does not stick well to chrome. Preserve chrome by not using chrome rims ... Read More »

How to Remove Paint From Rims?

Removing paint from car rims is similar to removing paint from any other part of the vehicle. Ugly-colored rims can ruin the entire look of a car and removing the paint from them is the first step ... Read More »