How to Remove the Overhead Console From a Jetta?

Answer Your Volkswagen Jetta has an overhead console that holds the center interior light. The light has a three-way switch mounted on the side of it that turns the light to the "Off" position, the "On" p... Read More »

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How to Remove an E30 Overhead Console?

The BMW 3-Series (E30) was a basic sedan manufactured by the BMW company from 1982-1994. It has several interior consoles that help the driver control how the car operates. Luckily, the overhead co... Read More »

How to Remove an SUV's Overhead Console?

The overhead console in an SUV can hold lights, sunglasses, a garage door opener, and even the climate control system. These consoles can be very useful for holding various items out of the way. If... Read More »

How to Remove a Tundra Overhead Console?

Late-model Tundra pickup trucks are equipped with an interior overhead console. This console is mounted on the headliner, in between the two sun visors. It includes a sunglasses holder, a business-... Read More »

How to Remove an Overhead Console on a BMW 325ci?

The overhead console on a BMW 325ci holds the front dome lights, switches and the control for the sunroof. The console needs to be removed when changing out the headliner, repairing the sunroof or ... Read More »