How to Remove the Oven Wiring From a Range?

Answer The oven wiring in an electric range connects from the two heating elements inside the oven to the switch controls on the top of the appliance. The wiring for the surface burners is on a separate c... Read More »

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How do you adjust the oven on a gas range from LP to natural gas?

A homeowner does not "adjust" an oven that is set up to work on liquid propane (LP) so that it can be used with nautral gas. What must happen is that the gas jets in the burners must be replaced, a... Read More »

What type of wire is behind the oven on an electric range oven?

The wire behind an electric range oven is a universal electric range cord. Cords come in 40 or 50 amps. Refer to the nameplate rating on the electric range to determine the correct size needed. The... Read More »

How to Remove Wiring From 6.0 Glowplugs?

Removing the wire from the 6.0 glowplug requires a special wire removal tool. The tool is very similar in design for any size engine and has a hook on the end to fit around the glowplug wire, separ... Read More »

How do I remove stains from the top of an oven?

Prepare a Cleaning MixtureRemove racks from a cooled oven, and put on rubber gloves. Mix 1 tbsp. each of liquid dish soap, bleach and lemon juice into 1 qt. of water. Pour the mixture into a spray ... Read More »