How to Remove the Oil Filter From a Toyota Corolla?

Answer Replacing an oil filter is a routine part of a Toyota Corolla's maintenance. Typically, it is best to pair replacing an oil filter with changing the Corolla's oil. Removing and replacing the filte... Read More »

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How to Remove CV Axles from a Toyota Corolla?

The CV (constant velocity) axle shafts on a Toyota Corolla integrate the transaxle of the front wheel drive transmission with the wheel. There are two joint bearings on each end of the CV axle, pro... Read More »

How to Remove a Hub From a 1999 Toyota Corolla?

A hydraulic press is needed to remove the hub assembly from the steering knuckle on a 1999 Toyota Corolla, and machine shops and auto repair centers can perform this for you at low cost. However, i... Read More »

How to Remove an Oil Pan From a 1988 Toyota Corolla?

The oil pan on a 1988 Toyota Corolla holds the lubricating oil that helps lubricate all parts of the engine. The crankshaft pulls oil up from the oil pan by dipping down into the pan. Also inside t... Read More »

How to Remove the Starter From a 1988 Toyota Corolla FX?

The starter is an electrical motor controlled by the starter solenoid that turns the engine flywheel to start the engine combustion process. Over time, the starter motor in your 1988 Corolla FX can... Read More »