How to Remove the Oil Filter Element on a Toyota?

Answer Unfortunately, Toyota manuals don't explain how to remove oil filters, while other automakers' manuals do. The procedure requires a specialized wrench which you can purchase at a Toyota dealership ... Read More »

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How to Remove the Oil Filter From a Toyota Corolla?

Replacing an oil filter is a routine part of a Toyota Corolla's maintenance. Typically, it is best to pair replacing an oil filter with changing the Corolla's oil. Removing and replacing the filte... Read More »

How to Remove a Toyota Camry Air Conditioner Filter?

The Toyota Camry uses a cabin air filter to catch any debris and sediment that gets sucked in by the air intake. The debris is pushed through the vents of the car and circulates through the passeng... Read More »

How to Remove a Stubborn Fuel Filter in a Toyota?

Removing a stubborn fuel filter from your Toyota looks harder than it actually is. Most new vehicles use plastic retaining clips to hold the fuel line onto the filter. Toyota filters bolt onto the ... Read More »

How to Remove the Oil Filter on a 2000 Toyota 4Runner 6-Cylinder?

Removing, and eventually replacing, a Toyota 4Runner's oil filter should always be paired with changing the 4Runner's motor oil. They are part of the same system, and you will not get an effective ... Read More »