How to Remove the Music Desk from a Grand Piano?

Answer There are times when the music desk on a grand piano is not functional or needs to be removed for repairs. For example, the music desk or music rack is often removed along with its supporting shelf... Read More »

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How big is a baby grand piano?

A grand piano's length is measured from the front of the keyboard to the back of the instrument. A baby grand piano is 6 feet long. The largest grand piano, the concert grand, measures between 7 an... Read More »

How long is a grand piano?

There are several different sizes of grand piano. The smallest is the baby grand, which is five feet eight inches long. The largest of the grand pianos is the concert grand, which measures in at ei... Read More »

How many keys are on a grand piano?

Most baby grand pianos have 88 keys, the same as a standard piano. Some concert grand pianos are custom made with nine extra keys, for a total of 97. There are usually 230 strings inside a grand pi... Read More »

Who Made the First Grand Piano?

Bartolomeo Cristofori made the first practical piano in 1700, the first piano capable of being played soft and loudly with an escapement mechanism for the hammers. Cristofori's originally named th... Read More »