How to Remove the Muffler on a VR6?

Answer The VR6 engine is a six-cylinder engine manufactured for vehicles too small to accommodate a 6-inline engine. Because of its compact size, the VR6 engine was installed in many different brands of ... Read More »

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How to Remove a Muffler?

If your muffler has a hole in it or you've hit something in the road and knocked the muffler loose or completely off, you know it by the loud noise your car then makes. A muffler deadens the sound ... Read More »

How to Remove the Muffler From a Car?

Mufflers are in a precarious position. Located under a car, they're vulnerable to bumps, rocks and road debris that can cause holes or other damage. If you have muffler problems, you'll know right ... Read More »

How to Remove a Muffler for Better MPG?

Removing your muffler can increase your miles per gallon (mpg) as well as give you a small 1- to 5-horsepower boost on certain vehicles -- especially if your car has a V-8 engine. This is not an ea... Read More »

How to Remove a TSX Mid Muffler?

Removing the mid-muffler from the Acura TSX is a project that most people can accomplish with some degree of patience. The mid-muffler is actually the catalytic converter and by removing it, you ca... Read More »