How to Remove the Lower Radiator Hose on a '97 Expedition?

Answer The cooling system in a Ford Expedition has a delicate balance, and when things are leaking or breaking, the engine doesn't get cooled. In the case of the lower radiator hose, it's responsible for ... Read More »

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How to Replace a Lower Radiator Hose?

A damaged or leaking radiator hose can burst unexpectedly. The coolant of a modern automobile operates in a sealed, pressurized environment. If a hose is leaking or damaged, the coolant, because of... Read More »

About a Lower Radiator Hose Leak?

A lower radiator hose leak can be difficult to find due to the hose's location. However, the leak needs to be found and fixed, as driving a car that is leaking coolant can result in damage that is ... Read More »

How to Repair a Hole in a Lower Radiator Hose?

The radiator system in your car keeps the engine from overheating. A mixture of radiator fluid and water passes through chambers cut into the car's engine, absorbing the heat. The fluid also passes... Read More »

How to Replace the Lower Radiator Hose on a 6.4 Diesel?

Radiator hoses provide a continuous circulation route for antifreeze to cool an engine. Cooled antifreeze travels from the bottom of the radiator to the engine. The upper hose carries hot coolant f... Read More »