How to Remove the LogMeIn Rescue Applet?

Answer The LogMeIn Rescue applet can be very useful to you as a user, or a system administrator. However, you may not wish to keep the applet installed after making use of it. As an administrator, you hav... Read More »

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How to Remove a Java Applet From Windows?

Java Applets are small plug-in applications that run with Java software. If you no longer use a specific applet, you can delete it to save storage space. Because the applet is part of Java it is no... Read More »

What port does LogMeIn use?

The LogMeIn remote-administration software works over port 443. This is the standard port for secure web connections and allows LogMeIn to operate over most firewalls which allow web browsing on th... Read More »

Is logmein secure?

On One Hand: LogMeIn Employs Exceptional Security MeasuresLogMeIn is an incredibly easy and convenient way to remotely connect to another computer. The company claims that their software is secure,... Read More »

How to uninstall logmein hamachi?

log out is how and start new account or cancel it. probably have a web blocker not virus. or domain is being blocked since name hamachi unknown to computer. also require republishing of net work do... Read More »