How to Remove the Intake on an Astro Van?

Answer The air intake on your Astro Van serves to suck air into the engine. The air is combined with fuel inside of the cylinders, where it is compressed and exploded in order to create power to drive the... Read More »

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How to Replace the Intake Manifold on a Chevy Astro?

The intake manifold in your Chevy Astro van distributes the fuel/air mixture to the cylinder heads. Replacing one is usually a job best left to professionals, as is the case with most modern-day en... Read More »

How to Remove the Fan on a 1996 Astro?

On a Chevrolet Astro van, the engine compartment is compact, with not a lot of room for air circulation. To cool down the engine and the radiator, a cooling fan is mounted on the water pump, and sp... Read More »

How to Remove the Gas Tank From an Astro Van?

Chevy Astro vans have the fuel pump located inside the gas tank. This is the primary reason why the design of the gas tank allows for it to be removed with relative ease compared to other styles of... Read More »

How to Remove an Astro 4.3 Engine?

Removing the 4.3L engine from an Astro van is a challenging project that should only be attempted by an experienced home mechanic with a capable helper. Find a firm level surface that will support ... Read More »