How to Remove the Instrument Panel on a '93 Saab?

Answer Your car's electrical systems are finicky things, and often require maintenance when your car starts to age. Whether you're rewiring your car or just replacing a bulb, it might be necessary to remo... Read More »

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How do I Remove the Instrument Panel on a 1990 Saab 9-3?

Over time the dash lights on your 1990 Saab 9-3 can become damaged or broken. When this occurs you will be unable to see certain information on your instrument panel. This can become a large safety... Read More »

How Do I Access Instrument Panel Bulbs in a '95 Saab?

The instrument panel light bulbs on a 1995 Saab vehicle are located on the inside of the dashboard any place that the dashboard lights up. Each Saab model is different, but the way that you remove ... Read More »

How to Remove an Instrument Panel?

Removing the instrument panel from a vehicle is generally a complicated process. There are several external parts you first need to disconnect, like trim panels and the steering wheel. However, bec... Read More »

How to Remove the Instrument Panel of a PT Cruiser?

The instrument panel on a PT Cruiser houses the gauge cluster for the vehicle. The instrument panel gives the driver vital information about the water temperature, oil level, speed of the engine an... Read More »