How to Remove the Inner Panels From a Honda Odyssey?

Answer Removing the inner panels in your Honda Odyssey is necessary if you are repairing damage or installing new speakers. Removing the inner panels is a long and involved process, as there are a myriad ... Read More »

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How to Remove and Install a 1999 Honda Odyssey Inner Tie Rod End?

Your 1999 Honda Odyssey uses a power rack-and-pinion steering system to translate your steering wheel input: When you turn the steering wheel, you rotate a pinion gear, which rests on the steering ... Read More »

How to Remove a Hub From a Honda Odyssey?

The wheel hub on the Honda Odyssey is attached to the axle with five bolts that need to be removed before you can remove the hub. The hub is designed with a wheel bearing inside that allows the whe... Read More »

How to Remove an Inner Tie Rod From a '96 Honda?

The steering rack on a 1996 Honda uses an inner tie rod and an outer tie rod. The outer tie rod end is used for toe adjustments, and the inner tie rod is used to connect the outer tie rod to the ra... Read More »

How to Remove the Dash From a Honda Odyssey?

You may want to remove the dash from your Honda Odyssey for a number of reasons. There may be wires or dash lights that need to be replaced, or some other mechanical issue that you want to fix. Wha... Read More »