How to Remove the Hyperlink for a Long Paragraph Copied to MS Word?

Answer Hyperlinks in Microsoft Word documents allow the user to open Web pages or other documents, or take the users to relevant sections of the same document, by just clicking on a word or term. Hyperlin... Read More »

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How to remove grey background from wikipedia(copied text in MS word)?

paste into notepad first, then copy & paste into Word. Notepad will get rid of any special formatting.

How to Remove a Paragraph Mark From a Word Document on a Mac?

A standard paragraph mark won't print, but you can set preferences in Microsoft's Word software for Mac computers to show paragraph marks on the screen. Some users prefer to see their paragraph mar... Read More »

Microsoft Word 2007 Help! What is the quickest way to move text from the first paragraph to the last paragraph?

Select/Highlight it, cut it, and paste it.

How do i add a hyperlink to an ms word form?

Open the form in Microsoft Word to which you want to add a hyperlink. Type the text you want to hyperlink to in the appropriate place on the form, then highlight the text with your mouse. Right-cli... Read More »