How to Remove the Hubcaps on a '99 Ford F-350?

Answer The Ford F-350 is Ford's biggest consumer-model truck, which comes with dual rear wheels and typically a diesel engine. The dual rear wheel setup--commonly referred to as a "dually"--provides extra... Read More »

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How to Remove Hubcaps from RVs?

When it comes to hubcaps, the concept is essentially the same, no matter if they are on a car, truck, trailer or RV. The hubcap fits into the wheel's rim and is held there by either a metal retent... Read More »

How to Remove Dents From Hubcaps?

There are many decorative parts of a car that appeal to the eye, but none is so obvious as the hubcaps placed on the wheels. Hubcaps are subject to all of the indignities that come from being so c... Read More »

How to Remove Scratches From Hubcaps?

When not tended to, hubcaps can look unsightly. Grime gathers and discolors caps, and scratches can happen. Removing the scratches is fairly easy, and you can clean and polish the hubcaps at the sa... Read More »

How to Remove Dings in Hubcaps?

Newer cars come with plastic hubcaps, which can't get dinged or dented as they pop back to normal form by nature. But older vehicles come with metal hubcaps, which can collect dings over time. Thes... Read More »