How to Remove the Heater Core in a 1996 Grand Marquis?

Answer An automobile heater core operates on the same principle as the vehicle's radiator, which passes coolant through a serpentine tube to cool the engine, except that the heater core circulates warm ai... Read More »

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How to Remove and Install the Heater Core on a 1997 Grand Marquis?

The Mercury Grand Marquis is one of many vehicles in which the heater unit is located behind the instrument panel on the passenger side. Replacing the heater core in the vehicle means removing the ... Read More »

How to Install Hoses on a Heater Core for a 1996 Grand Am?

As vehicles get older, the rubber hoses that make up the cooling system get brittle and dry out. This can cause leaks in the system, which will allow coolant to spill and if left unchecked, could c... Read More »

How to Remove a Heater Core in a 1996 Blazer?

The heater core is the device your car uses to warm the air before blowing it out into your cabin. A faulty heater core may leak coolant into the passenger compartment of your vehicle. Removing the... Read More »

How to Remove a Heater Core on a 1996 Honda Accord?

To distribute heat throughout your 1996 Accord, Honda installed a basic heater core. The coolant in your vehicle, after being heated, will pass through your heater core's tubes. Used during colder ... Read More »