How to Remove the Heater Core in a 1995 Saab?

Answer The heater core in your 1995 Saab vehicle is the little radiator-like device that warms up the air before blowing it out into the passenger compartment. If the heater core begins to malfunction, wh... Read More »

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Directions to Remove the Heater Core in a 1995 GMC?

The heater core in your air-conditioned 1995 GMC C1500 truck is a fairly simple heat exchanger device that exchanges the heat from engine coolant with the cold of outside air. This process heats th... Read More »

How to Remove & Replace the Heater Core on a 1995 Ford Truck?

When a heater core goes bad, antifreeze can be smelled within the cab of the vehicle. A bad heater core will leak coolant into the heater core compartment that is attached to the ventilation ducts... Read More »

How to Change a Heater Core in a 1995 Oldsmobile?

If the heating system in your 1995 Oldsmobile is not working, the problem could be the heater core, through which the engine coolant passes like a miniature radiator. Changing the core can be a ver... Read More »

How to Bypass Heater Core 1995 325I?

The 325i is a high-performance compact car manufactured by BMW. Like all vehicles, the BMW 325i requires regular maintenance to remain in good condition. The heater core is a component that sends h... Read More »