How to Remove the Headlamp on a Thunderbird?

Answer To make modifications to the Ford Thunderbird's front end, such as replacing the factory grille, you'll likely need to remove the car's headlamp. The headlamp could also be busted, which would requ... Read More »

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How to Replace the Headlamp Assembly for a 1996 Thunderbird?

The 1996 Ford Thunderbird is equipped with a single, dual-filament headlight that combines the low beam and high beam units. This composite halogen capsule bulb is housed inside the headlight assem... Read More »

How to Remove a '97 Thunderbird Oil Filter?

As oil ages, it loses its ability to lubricate your engine. So frequent oil changes, and oil filter changes, are one of your best defenses against engine wear, according to the Haynes Repair Manual... Read More »

How to Remove a 1995 Thunderbird PCM?

The PCM on the 1995 Ford Thunderbird is a computer. The PCM regulates how the engine supplies fuel and air to the combustion chamber, and it regulates the timing of the engine spark. If the PCM sto... Read More »

How to Remove a Door Latch on a Thunderbird?

The Thunderbird is one of the most popular cars ever produced by the Ford Motor Company. The car model has a reputation for durability with models still being operated that were manufactured in the... Read More »