How to Remove the Head Gasket of a 2.5 L Buick?

Answer Head gasket failure can wreak havoc on your Buick's engine. Under normal conditions, the head gasket keeps the engine coolant out of the oil pan and cylinders. When the head gasket fails, engine co... Read More »

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How to Replace a Head Gasket on a Buick 3.8 Engine?

A busted head gasket occurs for numerous reasons, from an overheated engine, improper installation, a missing component or a leak in the cooling system. You should always replace the busted head ga... Read More »

How to Replace Head Gasket on 3.1L 1999 Buick Century?

You may need to replace a gasket in your 3.1L 1999 Buick Century for a variety of reasons, including an overheated engine, worn components or a leak in the cooling system. Regardless of the reasons... Read More »

How to Remove the Exhaust Manifold Gasket on a Buick LeSabre?

An exhaust leak can be frustrating. While exhaust leaks are often difficult to identify, worn exhaust manifold gaskets are often the problem. Removing worn exhaust manifold gaskets and replacing th... Read More »

How to Remove the Head Gasket From a Kia Sportage?

Like many other vehicles, there is a chance that your Kia Sportage can get a blown head gasket, for a multitude of reasons. Some causes include a hot engine, non-compatible gasket design or damaged... Read More »