How to Remove the Halfshaft of a '99 Ford Ranger?

Answer The 1999 Ford Ranger 4X4 has a rear axle and a pair of front halfshafts to drive all four wheels. These halfshafts have u-joints on each end to allow the shafts to spin with the transmission as wel... Read More »

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How to Remove the Bed on a Ford Ranger?

Having a pickup means that you can carry almost anything you want in the bed or tow something behind it. It also means that you have the ability to customize your truck even more by removing that b... Read More »

How to Remove a Ford Ranger 3.0 Oil Pan?

Replacing the oil pan on your Ford Ranger may be necessary if it has been damaged after running over a large object. The oil pan houses the oil for the engine and will not function properly if dent... Read More »

How to Remove the Air Box on a Ford Ranger?

The Ford Ranger routes air into the engine through an air intake box. This box contains the air filter and a snorkel for directing air into the upper intake portion of the engine. Those who wish ... Read More »

How to Remove the Outer Tie Rod End on a Ford Ranger?

The outer tie rod end on a Ford Ranger is the connection between the steering rack and the steering knuckles. These tie rods connect to the steering knuckle via a ball joint. Over time, this ball j... Read More »