How to Remove the HP Welcome Center?

Answer The HP Welcome Center that appears when you start your computer is a variation of the basic Windows Welcome Center application. The HP version is an "OEM" (original equipment manufacturer) version ... Read More »

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How do I remove Vista welcome center programs?

Click on the Windows logo in the lower-left of your screen and select "All Programs" from the menu list. From the programs list select "Accessories" and then right-click on the "Notepad" applicatio... Read More »

How to Remove the Center Cap?

Center caps are placed at the center of a wheel to cover the hub and intricate parts of the wheel assembly. Some center caps measure only a couple of inches in diameter, while others cover a larger... Read More »

How to Remove BMW E46 Center Caps?

The center caps on a BMW E46 snap into place in the center of each wheel. These caps are made from aluminum and are easily damaged if removed improperly. BMW E46 center caps do not contain a relief... Read More »

How to Remove a Porsche Center Cap?

There is a certain prestige to owning a Porsche. Porsche owners pay for this upfront, but usually don't realize they'll pay for it later as well. Whether your Porsche is a 911 or a Cayman, it requi... Read More »