How to Remove the Gear Assembly From the Axle of a Snowblower?

Answer Snowblowers can help clear even a deep snow drift quickly. But if your blower has a broken axle or axle gear assembly, it can't move and won't be of much use. The main challenge in removing the gea... Read More »

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How to Remove a Hub Gear From a 4X4 Chevy Axle?

The hub gear on a Chevrolet 4x4 axle is a switch mounted on the end of the axle housing that engages or disengages the axle from the wheels, thus putting the truck into four wheel drive mode. The h... Read More »

How to Remove a Hub Gear From an Axle in a 1976 4X4 Chevy?

The hub gear on a 1976 Chevrolet 4X4 truck or SUV locks and unlocks the front axle when four-wheel drive mode is engaged. These hubs are critical to the four-wheel drive system operating properly, ... Read More »

How to Reinstall the Float Valve Assembly on a Snowblower Engine?

A snowblower engine has a float valve to regulate fuel transfer from the fuel tank to the carburetor float bowl. When the fuel level in the bowl drops, the float drops with it and the valve opens. ... Read More »

How to Put Gear Oil in a Rear Axle?

A rear differential transmits power from the transmission or transfer case to the wheels. A transfer case is used on all-wheel drive and four-wheel-drive vehicles to split the power between a front... Read More »