How to Remove the Gas Lines From a Gas Tank?

Answer A gas line (fuel line) is a pipe that carries gasoline from a tank to a gasoline engine. It is made of thick rubber to prevent splitting. The gas line includes hoses for connections between the dua... Read More »

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How to Remove the Fuel Lines from a Gas Tank on a '93 F-150?

For the1993 model year, Ford equipped F-150 trucks with several fuel lines as part of their fuel and emission control system. The fuel pump delivers fuel from the tank through a supply line to the ... Read More »

How to Clean Varnished Gas From Tank Lines?

When old gasoline is left in the fuel tank of your motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle or lawn mower it can cause a gunk-like varnish to form on the inside of your tank. This varnish can clog your fuel... Read More »

How full does a septic tank have to get before it goes into the field lines?

According to the University of Missouri Extension Web site, septic tanks should be large enough to retain the raw sewage for at least 48 hours. The depth of the tank from the bottom to the level of... Read More »

How to Install Fuel Lines From Gas Tank to Carburetor?

Installing fuel lines from the gas tank to the carburetor of your vehicle is not extremely difficult. The process is one that is fairly simple, but the implementation of pulling fuel lines from the... Read More »